Best Piano Keyboards 2018

How To Choose One Of The Top Piano Keyboards

Are you looking for a new piano keyboard that you can purchase as a gift, or perhaps to use on your own? If you are, one of the biggest places to start looking is Amazon, the largest online store in the world. Not only can you get exceptional prices on piano keyboards, but you can also see what other people are saying. This is a website that people often turn to when they are simply looking for items to read the reviews to make sure they are spending their money wisely. Here is a quick overview of some of the best piano keyboards that are currently available.  Note that some may be unavailable due to demand or the time of season.

Number of Keys
Yamaha YPG-235
26 lbs
Casio SA76
3.8 lbs
Plixio 61 Key
8.6 lbs
Yamaha PSRE 253
10.2 lbs
Casio CTK 3500
7.5 lbs


The Yamaha YPG-235 – Winner Best Portable Keyboard of 2018

Yamaha YPG-235 at a Glance

This keyboard is the largest of them all, featuring 76 keys. Unfortunately, this also means it is the heaviest and least portable.  However, it is the grand piano premium pack that many people enjoy the most. It comes with Graded Soft Touch action which means you will never have to worry about missing a key while you are playing.  It allows you to download new songs, and new styles that come out, that will help you improve the musical compositions that you are going to make.

It also comes with a stand which makes it very convenient for playing if you happen to be standing, or you can simply put this on a table or desk. It is designed to be intuitive, perfect for beginners and advanced users, that simply want to use the best midrange Yamaha keyboard that is currently available.

Priced at just under $300, you can’t go wrong with all of the extras that come with this keyboard. You can also upgrade to the 88 key keyboard if you would prefer having a larger keyboard that is similar to a traditional piano.

Favorite Yamaha YPG-235 Features

It has a backlit LCD to show you what settings you are in, panel lights, and a six track sequencer. This will allow you to create wonderful arrangements on your own, and it comes with a pitch bend wheel. It is the industry’s best portable piano, and it is made by a leader in the keyboard industry. This Yamaha keyboard also has a USB plug-in, along with flash ROM integration.


Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones

Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones at a Glance

If you would like to purchase one that is portable, and also very affordable, one of the best ones that are available is the Casio SA76. This dynamic keyboard has 44 miniature keys, and also comes with five percussion pads.  This is priced at just under $50. One negative is that some people will want more than 44 keys, but with less keys this makes it affordable for generally anyone that would like to have their very own portable keyboard.

Favorite Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones Features

There are a total of 100 sounds that you can make, as well as 50 different rhythm patterns. You can also switch from piano keys to organ keys with the push of a button. You can also turn on the melody, and turn it off, just as easily.


Plixio 61 Key Keyboard With USB & MP3 Inputs

Plixio 61 Key Keyboard at a Glance

Priced a little bit higher is the Plixio 61, one that is designed for both beginners and intermediate players. This has 61 keyboard keys, making it much more similar to a regular piano as you are learning how to play.  This comes with a USB port so that you can play MP3 music files through the two-way speaker system. You can either add six AA batteries, or you can simply plug it into a wall, to power the device. It comes with 100 rhythms, and 60 demo songs so that you can start to figure out how to play.

Favorite Plixio 61 Key Keyboard Features

There are 40 tones, eight percussions, and a multitude of sound effects. You also can record the music that you are playing, and if you are learning how to read music, there is a sheet music stand that comes with this product. Priced at just under $60, it provides you with many features that are typically seen on similar units that are $100 or more.


Yamaha PSRE 253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSRE 253 at a Glance

The Yamaha PSRE253 has 61 full-size keys, making this much easier to use than smaller models. It allows you to seamlessly transition from practicing on this keyboard to playing on a regular piano.  It offers duo mode splits, dividing the keyboard in half, with each half having a middle C. This will allow you to play with another person as you are playing different melodies. It has an auxiliary line input which means you can connect this with headphones, MP3 players, or even a computer. Some people will add a mixer which can be heard through the internal speakers. You can use the portable Grand button so that it will then play with grand piano sounds.  One negative we found was that the sound didn’t seem to be quite on par with the others.

Favorite Yamaha PSRE 253 Features

It has a 32 note polyphony which can enhance any performance for both advanced players and beginners. This can be operated with both batteries and a power adapter that plugs into your wall. Priced at just under $100, this is a fantastic keyboard made by one of the top manufacturers for keyboards in this industry.


The Casio CTK-3500 Keyboard

Casio CTK-3500 at a Glance

Priced a little bit higher than the previous models, this is a keyboard made by one of the leaders in the industry. It has many different features which will include a dance mode, complete with 50 music rhythms and a Chordata Play app integration.  Priced at under $130, it’s one of the best on the market right now from this well-known company in the keyboard industry. If you are looking for a quality gift to give someone, or if you want to learn how to play the keyboard with this touch sensitive instrument, you will have no problem with this keyboard from Casio.

Favorite Casio CTK-3500 Features

There is a 48 note polyphony which is very useful, along with the step up lesson system. It comes with an incredible 400 tones, and 100 rhythms, making this worth every dime that you will pay.



A Couple Others To Consider

When you visit a website online that is selling piano keyboards; you are often wondering if you are going to purchase the right one for you. Even if you are visiting a specialty website that sells only musical instruments, you may not have enough feedback from customers that purchase products to make a proper determination. It is best to work with a company that not only offers a guarantee on all of their products but a considerable amount of information about each one. It’s impossible to try all of them, but by looking at what others have said that have recently purchased piano keyboards on Amazon, you can get a better idea as to which ones will offer you the best deal for your money. Therefore, you will want to scan through all of the different ones that are there, organize the information by the feedback they have received, and then start to look at all of the prices. By doing so, this will narrow your search very quickly to one that you will be very happy with, and will allow you to become a better keyboard player with one of these five piano keyboards.

Although the five keyboards that have been mentioned are considered to be the best based upon feedback, price, and capabilities, there are a couple of others that are worth mentioning. The Yamaha P71 88-Key is more expensive than the ones that have been mentioned, but it does have exceptional reviews. This digital piano which is exclusively sold through Amazon contains ten different voices and keys that will literately simulate how it feels to play a real piano. It also has dual modes that will allow you to combine a couple of different Voices, and it has a slim design that you may find preferable. Priced at just under $400, this is going to give you more for the money that you will pay regarding features and benefits. Finally, there is the Yamaha P115 which is a weighted key digital piano, one that comes with a double X stand, a large Knox bench, and it also comes with a sustain pedal. It has a 192 note polyphony and has what is called a duo mode so that you can practice side-by-side with another person. This is the ideal piano if you are teaching kids how to play the piano in a classroom setting, accommodating up to two students per piano. Priced at just over $600, this also comes with an advanced and educational bundle. It is the perfect choice for people that are teaching people how to play keyboards and the piano on this unique unit from Yamaha.

These are the five best piano keyboards currently available. Depending upon your budget, and the size of the keyboard that you want, you now have a few options. They are all affordably priced, and with the extras that come with many of them, you will have no problem becoming more proficient at playing. In addition to all of this, you are also backed by the satisfaction guarantee that comes with all Amazon products that are sold through their website. You will be satisfied with each of these keyboards, regardless of the one that you choose to purchase.

While often an afterthought while looking to prepare yourself for piano lessons or to optimize performance, your seating has a lot to do with your comfort and motivation when it comes to learning the piano. Afterall, who wants to practice piano if it is an uncomfortable experience. For this reason, finding the right seating should be a priority when you are purchasing your equipment that is needed to practice or use your piano. Instead of choosing the cheapest option available, you should make a concerted effort to find one that is comfortable, practical, and high quality.

Something else that should be considered when you are looking to find and choose the right piano keyboard would be the build quality. Not only do you want to consider the materials that are used to make the keyboard, but you want to consider how they all come together. This will help with your consistency as you practice and play. Some keyboards skimp on the materials that were used, and they move around while you are playing which can result in inconsistency in your piano playing.

One more factor that should be considered when it comes to choosing the right keyboard would be the pricing. You want to consider the pricing that the seat is in because it needs to fit in your budget range. Also, you want to try to maximize the money you spend by buying a keyboard that provides the best value and experience. When comparing different options, you will be looking at the pricing of the keyboards and figuring out which one has the best value proposition. This will not only help you narrow down the options, but it should allow you to pick and choose between different keyboards you might be considering.

A major thing that you are likely going to want to consider when you are looking to find and purchase a piano keyboard would be the warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. Ideally, you want to purchase from a manufacturer that provides a lengthy warranty. That way, you know that your seat will be fully covered for the length that you are planning on owning and using it. This is especially true if your keyboard is expensive because you will be dealing with a keyboard that has a bunch of moving parts that might fail at some point. This simply provides more value to you as a customer because it allows you to have a sense of security knowing that your keyboard will be covered in the event of a manufacturer defect occurring.

Another factor that might help you make the right decision when you are looking to purchase a piano keyboard would be the brand. By checking for the brand, you should be able to effectively narrow down your options and find the most reputable brands to purchase from. Whether you have a brand preference or not, you should be able to find the different pianos that are produced by the brands with the best reputation in the marketplace.

Overall, there is so much to consider when you are in the market for a digital piano. It is not as simple as choosing the one that is available for the lowest price point. Afterall, you are going to be using it for long periods of time if you are planning on learning the piano or practicing the piano a lot. Thus, you want to try to make a wise purchasing decision and find a piano that is going to provide you with a lot of satisfaction throughout each playing session.

By looking at the several factors mentioned above, not only will you be able to identify the best digital pianos regarding build quality, but you will be able to find one that fits within your budget, and that has great reviews. Finding a piano keyboard with a lot of good reviews can go long ways towards maximizing your chances of identifying the right piano to invest in. Whether or not price and name brand matter to you are personal preference. However, it is something to consider, and it can help you make a wise purchasing decision that you can be satisfied with.